Title 1Unlocking the Future: Vedanta Demerger into 6 Different Companies

Which Companies Are Going to Arise After Vedanta Demerger

1- Vedanta Aluminium Business

Part of Vedanta, it now stands as the world's largest single-location aluminium smelting plant outside of China, boasting a colossal capacity of 1.8 million tonnes per annul (MTPA). When combined with Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. (BALCO), a subsidiary owned 51% by Vedanta Limited, the group's total capacity reaches an impressive 2.4 MTPA.

2-Vedanta Oil and Gas Business

Vedanta Oil & Gas, India's largest private oil and gas exploration and production company, holds a commanding position in the country's domestic crude oil production, accounting for over a quarter. Poised to harness India's projected 50 percent growth in demand by 2030

3- Powering the Future: Vedanta Power

Vedanta Power consolidates Vedanta's Independent Power Plants. After completion, this company's capacity will be close to 5 GW, making a substantial contribution to India's electricity production.

4-Vedanta Steel and Ferrous metal Business

Currently commissioned at 1.5 million tonnes per annum, they are expanding to a 3 million tonnes per annum hot metal capacity by mid-2024.

5-Vedanta's Base Metals Business

The Base Metals section of Vedanta will include downstream companies, growth initiatives, and worldwide production assets that are essential for the world's energy transformation.

6-Technology and Zinc: Synergy Residual Vedanta Limited

Vedanta Limited will continue to incubate new businesses, particularly in technology, supported by robust earnings from the top-tier Hindustan Zinc assets.